Terms and Conditions

  • All cats must be vaccinated 14 days prior to boarding
  • Up to date vaccination certificate must be brought with you & left with your cat during its holiday
  • Cat flu & feline enteritis are essential with vaccination certificates
  • We only accept cash or cheques. (cheques supported by a bank card)
  • All worming & flea treatments must be up to date before arrival for boarding
  • We encourage you to put your own cat within the sleeping area
  • Please bring your cat in a secure cat carrier. This can be left with your cat during its stay
  • Whilst cats are boarded with every care and attention, if veterinary care is required and we require acting on this, costs for this will be billed to you the owner
  • We do not accept un-neutered male cats 6 month of age & over
  • We provide everything your cat will need for its stay but you can bring whatever you want if you feel it would help your cat feel more at home
  • Minimum fee is a 3 day charge. We need to recieve 7 days notice of cancellation otherwise 50% of the boarding fee will be charged

For more details, please do not hesitate to contact us.